Thread: Salary Cap: $59 million in 2010-11?
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04-19-2010, 12:38 PM
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Originally Posted by GAGLine View Post
Because a #1 center, in addition to putting up points himself, makes those he plays with better. It's not just about getting a #1 center to help Gabby score a few extra goals. A #1 center should put up 70+ points himself. And whoever is on the other wing should see a boost in production.

We've seen it this year with Gabby. Yes, he is a good passer and made some really nice plays this year, but he's a shooter first. His play didn't magically elevate the game of those around him. A #1 center can do that.
You don't think Gaborik elevated the game of Christensen, Prospal, and Dubinsky?

A #1c might elevate their game more, but it's not because they're a #1c, it's because they're a playmaker. You don't have to be a center to be a playmaker... a good example of a playmaking winger is Ales Hemsky.

Kovalchuk absolutely elevated the game of Peverly, Kozlov, Antropov, etc. in Atlanta.

Gaborik absolutely elevated the game of Christensen, Prospal, and Dubinsky... partially because of his playmaking ability (which is being severely underated) and also by creating room on the ice.

EDIT: Summary: You're confusing a #1C and a pure "playmaker." Thornton is a #1c who is purely a playmaker. Lecavalier is a #1c who is less of a playmaker. Kovalchuk, Gaborik, etc. are primarily goal scorers, but they bring a significant degree of playmaking, and elevate the play of those around them simply by creating room on the ice.

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