Thread: Salary Cap: $59 million in 2010-11?
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04-19-2010, 12:41 PM
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Originally Posted by GAGLine View Post
Because a #1 center, in addition to putting up points himself, makes those he plays with better. It's not just about getting a #1 center to help Gabby score a few extra goals. A #1 center should put up 70+ points himself. And whoever is on the other wing should see a boost in production.

We've seen it this year with Gabby. Yes, he is a good passer and made some really nice plays this year, but he's a shooter first. His play didn't magically elevate the game of those around him. A #1 center can do that.

Look at Kovy in NJ. They have been worse since they got him. They're down 2-1 to a team with no goaltending. A team that had to be US in a shootout to make the playoffs. Kovy has never been part of winning team in the NHL. Atlanta did just as well without him as they did with him this year. Why is that, if he's so good?
NJ's problems were evident long before Kovalchuk arrived. Look at their record since December. Just because Kovalchuk didn't magically fix their problems, which are primarily defensive, and they're losing to the Flyers isn't a knock solely on Kovalchuk.

Regarding Atlanta, a sample size of 25 games isn't enough to close the book. Kovalchuk more than did his share in Atlanta since the lockout... the problem there was with what they surrounded him with.

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