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04-19-2010, 01:12 PM
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Originally Posted by predfan98 View Post
You're exactly right. I wasted time in the past, now I don't even bother.

Here's something maybe someone out there knows...

When I click on the fishwrap to read glennon, are they getting "credit" just cause I clicked on there?

Also, do they still do Nielsen ratings on tv watching? Years ago, we filled out a little booklet for a month... But now with dvr's etc, does directtv know what i'm recording and do they use that for selling advertising, tracking, etc?

I'm assuming big brother knows all of the above, but didn't know if i was just paranoid..
I can tell you about the Nielsen ratings--yes, they still do that. They also still do Arbitron ratings (radio). Now the Nielsen ratings also include when you watch at a different time, i.e. through Tivo or on the website or whatever. Arbitron includes satellite radio and online now.

As for whether the provider knows what you are watching and when, not sure about that. My guess is they have some way of gauging which stations are the most popular/profitable. They may not know that YOU are watching NHL Network, but they may know x number of customers in that area are watching NHL at a particular time.

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