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02-21-2005, 09:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Van
There are really no set rules for levels as far as age goes. I remember back when I started, every new official, regardless of age, wrote a Level I exam. Now it seems that at least here in BC, they have moved away from that. Anybody 16 or over is writing Level II, regardless of experience. A lot of us "senior" officials don't think it's a good idea, but that's another topic.

If you're young (in the 13-16 range), you will start out in the novice/atom divisions for a while. If you're older than that, you will probably start out doing peewee games for the most part. (Remember, I am basing this on how we do things here in Prince George.) The novice and atom games are usually reserved for the youngest referees.

The general guideline for levels in Canada based on age (again, at least here in BC), is that if you've over 16, you are going to write a Level II exam. To get Level III, you need your local RIC's recommendation, and Level IV and up are where you need to be at an elite level to even get consideration provincially.

To get your certification, contact your local minor hockey association. They will put you in contact with the local referee-in-chief. He will give you more information on clinic dates in your area. The next clinics, however, will not be until this coming fall.

Thanks. I'm 18, so the age thing isn't really a problem. I've played hockey since I was if I study I should be able to pass the Level II test....and I don't care if I **** off the older refs .

I'll ask around for a clinic in the fall..thanks for the info!

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