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04-19-2010, 09:35 PM
Ducks offseason
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Originally Posted by snarktacular View Post
Something that might be worth mentioning is that the KHL might be having financial problems. Dynamo Moscow, for example, is folding. Uncertainty about the KHL might make potential defectors think twice.
True, some players will have to stick it out and earn their spot on the team rather than expect it handed to them on a platter. The AHL is a really good training ground for young players to learn the game, especially Europeans who are learning a different way the game is played. Look at Detroit, a lot of their players spend several seasons in the AHL, and for the most part they come out ready for the bigs.

However, you're always going to have the players who bolt back home when things don't go their way. That just depends on the character of the player I suppose.

(And I'm a bit sad to hear about Dynamo. If they got their acts straight, the NHL and KHL working together would be beneficial for the sport. I'm disappointed that they chose to butt heads instead.)

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