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09-28-2003, 07:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Edge
kinda, that's about when i was hitting my teen years so spending friday at home wasnt high on my list.

even to this day there's only two shows i sit down and watch. Wrestling on monday nights and the simpsons on sunday, otherwise my tv is only used for movies.

anyone remember denver the last dinosaur? or the california raisen cartoons?

i used to love heathcliff and the alley cats too.

Hector was my favorite.

always wondering what would've happened if heatcliff and riff raff were in the same episode.
I used to watch dinosaurs on in the morning. Guess i was cathing the re-runs of the night before.

Yeah, i remember the rasins, but only teh specials, not the series. I liked Heathcliff better than Hector, myself.

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