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04-19-2010, 10:54 PM
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It looked like he had the blade closed until just before contact on the ground while shooting his slapshots like you are supposed to. Jarick's slapshots look super duper good to me and I know how to shoot them.

I also noticed Jarick that you use a short stick which isn't a crime but it takes away from wristshots, snapshots and slapshots depending on the flex you use.

I used to use a shorter stick than I use now but that was because you couldn't find sticks for guys a few inches over 6 ft tall off the shelf. Once in a while you could find them but often when sold out they never restocked until the next year.

How long is your stick while in skates when standing it up to your chin from your feet? Most people try to have it to the chin somewhere. Again no set rule, play makers like a shorter stick and shooters like a long one. Often you will see a shooter lose the puck in his feet and not be able to grab it too easily. You'll see a guy fighting tio grab the puck and all that is touching the ice is the toe of the blade haha.

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