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04-19-2010, 10:58 PM
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Originally Posted by puck10 View Post
Bringing the never-ending "LIE" debate back to light, only b/c I just recently came back from my LHS, where I tried to compare/contrast the stated lies for the two major players, EASTON and BAUER.

Bauer P88 vs Bauer P92, both labeled 6, ModSquad classifies them as 5.5.. to me, P88 seemed LOWER (closer to 5.5) than the P92 (closer to 6).. would most agree?

Same thing w/ Easton.. Iginla appeared LOWER than the Sakic and the Drury was somewhere in between.

Then again, I'm certainly NO expert, and may or may not have been measuring the lies appropriately/correctly.

Given the importance of a stick's lie to one's game, it's completely FRUSTRATING as a consumer to find the right lie for you.. an expensive trial and error process, that's for sure.
I have a pro-stock RBK Iginla (IG17) and it does not have a lie on it but it is somewhere in between a 6 and 5.5. Sounds crazy but it literally is in between the two. The Harrow 5.5 I used is closer to a 6 anyway.

These companies should all use the same exact math.

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