Thread: Rumor: Dancing Shawny moving
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04-20-2010, 08:01 AM
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Originally Posted by flyfan795 View Post
Good god you people are pathetic actually thinking this garbage is entertaining.

It is just one more thing along with the whole circus like atmosphere that has ruined going to Flyers games. You go there to watch hockey not to have some annoying ******* get on the jumbotron every single break and try to sell more merchandise or watch some fat guy dance.

They need to go back to what it was before just hockey and none of that crap.
I agree 100% with you. I am not a fan of any of the artificial crowd stimulation that is put on during stoppages.

Going to Germany a few years back to see hockey was a breath of fresh air. During stoppages there were no cliche movie clips, no messages on the arenavision to get loud, etc. I wish that sporting events here did the same thing. is offline   Reply With Quote