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02-22-2005, 03:53 PM
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Originally Posted by JCD
The reason I mentioned George is that he wanted to play for Philly, so would come dirt cheap. If not for league minimum. The chances of luring a 'name' RB to back-up Westbrook on a pass-first team is a longshot at best. You are looking at the bargin bins and cast-offs for that. Among those, George is among the best. While he is certainly done as a starter, he is known as a good 'character' guy in the lockerroom and can help out situationally (short-yardage back). Signing George means they are not obligated to draft a back on the 1st day for the job.

I still disagree with most Eagles fans over their CBs. I am simply not impressed. Not in the starters and certainly not in the depth. Hood and Wynn look very limited too me. Ware has upside due to his measurables, but was really exploited in the Super Bowl. In all, the CBs look weak to me. Sure, one could emerge as a quality nickel back, but that is no safe bet. Adding a vet nickel to bridge the gap would go a long way. If for nothing more than insurance. It doesn't have to be a high-buck player like Lucas, I was thinking more an older vet on a 1-year deal like Buckley (or the like).

Beefing up the offensive line should be a priority. You rarely see quality OL hit the FA market (certainly not tackles), best bet is the draft. I can only assume they will resign Tra Thomas. If they don't, Eagles have a glarring hole on the left side with few to no FA options available. LJ Shelton is the only name I have heard available, and he would be a downgrade. Thrusting a rookie LT into a starting role typically meets with disaster. Andrews will be back, that will help the running game notably.

Thomas is not a free agent so he does not need to be resigned. The Eagles should have good depth on the line next year as that was their focus in the draft...although they could use some added depth.

Ware was exposed during the Super Bowl, although I really only saw him get beat aggregiously on that one play. I'm not ready to give him a full projection yet because that was the most extensive he played all year as no other team has gone 4 wide on the Eagles as much as the Patriots did. I have in general liked what I saw from him though and anticipate him stepping up into the nickle back role next season. Hood is fine, but would prefer he be the Dime corner.

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