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04-20-2010, 12:22 PM
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Originally Posted by decadentia View Post

I'd prefer we go into next season with a true #1. Throwing **** at the wall has proven to be disadvantageous. Unless Halak continues to plummet in this series, I doubt Montreal will be giving him away at a reasonable price. This all is interesting however, creates a new dynamic to that series for us Flyers fans (albeit unlikely, entertaining nonetheless)

Every GM/Franchise will act differently in trade discussion, some would be more likely to bow down to the market. Some GMs are downright frugal with their prospects/negotiations, some sell the farm. Take for instance Homer upselling himself supposedly for Pronger. He was allegedly the sole bidder in that price range, yet he continued to bid higher (before even hearing a response to the first offer I might add)
theres certain things you just dont say this time of year especially on game day. but if you go back to last summer i said i was confident going into the playoffs with brian boucher as my starting goaltender thats why i was okay with the emery signing. i thought there was a risk hed blow up on us though he wound up not finishing the season for a completely different reason. id feel the same way if they go with a younger guy for next season. an almost there kid with some serious potential which is what im hearing about bobrovski. corey schneider is another name id be okay with given the same situation. rynnas and scrivens i think are probably further away and would necessitate bringing in another veteran. though in any case an emergency plan c is definitely in order.

what worries me about not having bobo signed is that while holmgren jumped early on emery last year he may be waiting til mid summer to decide to bring somebody in or go with bobrovski. i just dont think the kids gonna take a two way deal which means someone else is gonna have to and you wont find a legit starter thats gonna do that

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