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Originally Posted by JMW814
im just feeling really ****** right now, because i think i found the one thing in life that i would love doing and excel at if i had the chance, but i didnt have the chance, i live in florida and it is too late to follow my dream. .. none of you could imagine how much i want it and how much i am jealous over you canadians who grew up with ponds and rinks everywhere, and i havent lived within an hour of an ice rink in my whole life! i want this so bad but i cant have it! This sucks! no summer camps come anywhere in north florida! i hope some of you have some inspiring words, i am so upset at myself for not taking this up a long time ago, and at the situation i am in. why is pretty much every sport except hockey so available around me? :mad: i want to and love playing hockey so much but i dont know how i could realistically go on a path to making it. also, what is the difference between acha and ncaa hockey?
EVERYONE that has ever played hockey, football, baseball, whatever has at one point or another seriously wanted to play their respective sport professionally, but for 99.999% of people it's just not realistic, even 99.999% of young players in Canada will never turn pro. Just play hockey for the love of the game and to have fun.

Just because you can't play it professionall doesn't mean you can't be involved in it professionally. When you're ready to go to college, apply to a bunch of schools in the northeast and major in sports management or sports marketing and get an internship with a major league level team, the internship will allow you to gain experience and make valuable contacts that will be invaluable later in life.

The ACHA is basically very low level college hockey, even below NCAA DIII. Most of the players in it do take the game seriously and are pretty good, but none of them will ever turn pro, they're just playing it for recreation. Most teams actually require you to pay to play for them and more often than not there are no tryouts, as long as you're decent you can play.

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