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Originally Posted by triggrman View Post
It's on their permanent school records. I know magnets schools use them for enrollment. The state uses them to grade the schools. It lets parents know where their children are compared to their peers in the state, more so than just progress report cards.

I mean I guess, if you donít mind your kids records having lower test scores because you thought a hockey game was more important, then you shouldnít really worry about it. I mean, lower test scores you can explain to Canadian fansí but not selling out, whew, thatís criminal
I can't say for certain what the law is in TN, but in the state i taught in, using a standardized test as criteria for admission into a public school (which magnet and charter are) was pretty squarely against the law. I'll have to check on it to be sure, but I'd be surprised if that was in play. It's not uncommon for a private school to have an entrance\placement exam, but I haven't heard of a single one looking at TCAP or CAT scores.


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