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The scoop on "sporting supplements"

I am a former hardcore bodybuilder. Likewise, I am intelligent and always do my research.

So here's the scoop:

Companies pay athletes to use their products. These athletes are paid to promote them. The athletes do not seek out these products- these products are given to them. And they get paid to say "THIS PRODUCT IS AWESOME". Plain and simple.

Do not give in to supplement hype. I have bodybuilt for 3 years, and the gains I've made have simply wowed people. Why? Because I did my research. And after thousands of dollars spent on supplement products, I have actually found that only a few are worth the money. These are my recommendations:

1. Whey protein isolate- I use this after I workout or play hockey. It is a solid source of quick acting protein. It's drawback is that it comes in powered form, which you mix into water or milk. Liquids to not stimulate metabolism like actual food does. So, use whey protein very sparingly. After a workout/practice/game.

2. Fish oil - This is a great overall wellness product. It's proven to be one of the healthiest ways to help your body to burn fat. It's has numerous other health benefits as well - I take 3 fishoil softgels twice a day.

3. BCAA's - When your body breaks down protein in your liver, amino acids are what repair your muscles. BCAA's are pre-synthesized amino acids- therefore they go directly to your muscles without needing to go through the liver. The only time to use this is during a workout/practice/game. I recommend the product "Scivation Xtend" for it gives a good amount of servings for the money, tastes good, and has citruline malate, which has tons of research to suggest it helps with endurance.

4. Daily multivitamin - I've seen recent research showing that multivitamins don't work, however there is more research suggesting the do work for overall wellness as most people do not have perfect nutrition. Plus, they're pretty cheap.

That's all that I say is worth the money. I would not recommend creatine as it is expensive and most versions of it cause a lot of bloat. Pre-workout caffeine supplements may work well to amp you up for a workout, but after about 45 minutes you will start to crash. Also keep in mind caffeine dehydrates your body significantly. Therefore, I do not recommend pre-workout supplements as they are expensive and filled with crap that doesn't do anything.

If you truly want to gain speed/endurance/strength/muscle/etc, you need to change your diet. With the correct nutrition, your body will be filled with the nutrients it needs at all times. My rule when it comes to bodybuilding (as well as any other knowledgeable BBer)- 18% workout (exercise, practice, etc)/ 80% nutrition and lifestyle (proper sleep, rest, etc)/ 2% supplements.

18/80/2. Is that 2% really worth spending hundreds of dollars on? No. But if you really want to gain, the supplements I listed are the ONLY ones that work well and are worth the money.

Questions? Feel free to ask.

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