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Junior Goodwill Games Championship
Team USA v. Team Iceland

-Contrary to popular belief, Iceland is not covered with ice. That's Greenland. Outside of volcanoes erupting and ruining Europe's air travel, Iceland is nice

-Goldberg can stop cheeseburgers.

-Team USA really just means Team Minnesota plus a few outliers. It's the way hockey was meant to be.

-Minneapolis is a rinky-dink town where the coach will go back to sharpening skates if he fails to win.

-On the other hand, Iceland's coach apparently got banned from the NHL for being too violent yet is still allowed to work with kids. Who approved that?

-Fulton Reed and Dean Portman are preparing for their future careers as members of the Federal League. That said, Goldberg and Russ Tyler are preparing to join Dave Karp at some sort of fat camp run by Ben Stiller.

-Not enough hyping of Gunner Stahl on the prospects board. Maybe if he changed that "h" to an "a."

-Correctly assume Adam Banks is a cake eater and has a tendency to get injured. However, someone does think he will be able to come back at the expense of Russ Tyler or Charlie Conway.

-"The Wolf" owes Bombay a new beachball.

-The quack attack is back jack!

-Winners get bragging rights and a scholarship to Shattucks-St. Mary Eden Hall Academy. Losers lost it for themselves...

-If I were a betting man, I'd go with the Ducks in a shootout. That has to be great odds given the game is Team USA v. Team Iceland - I mean, there's no rule against it.

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