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09-28-2003, 08:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Habs
Couple of items...

Andy Sutton isn't in the same level as Souray IMO. Souray is much more reliable on the ice.

I'd take Tamer over Quintal any day. He's younger, and probably more reliable in the defensive zone.

The rest.. I pretty much have to agree with.
I have been impressed by Quintal's game last year. He had a slow start but made his partners (traverse, dykhuis bouillon) look very good. He played a near mistake-free in his own zone most of the year IMO and I consider him as an ideal #6 defenseman. However, Tamer seems to fight for his spot each year and was not as consistant in the defensive zone as Quintal IMO. Quintal's game won't get any better though and maybe both players will be nearly equal this year. However, I wouldn't take Tamer over Quintal right now.

I am one of the biggest fan of Sheldon Souray and he is one of the most valuable player on the team (top 5). Like I've said, I think souray is more consistant is the defensive zone and plays as physical as Sutton while Sutton has surprising offensive skills. However, Sutton's improvement was very impressive last year and I do think they are nearly equal. I would probably take Souray over Sutton It will be interesting to see Souray play this year as his impact is HUGE on this team. I would probably take Souray over Sutton right now and I can live if you think Souray is slighly better than Sutton but I'm playing the conservative card here as we haven't seen Souray in quite awhile and Sutton improved so much last year.

Originally Posted by HollyG
Saku K, I must compliment you on your accurate knowledge of the Thrashers defensemen. I don't know the Montreal defensemen well enough to tell if the comparisons are accurate, but your descriptions of the Atlanta players' play is right.
Thanks for the compliment Holly.

Keep up your good work for HF!

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