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09-28-2003, 09:44 PM
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Regular season:




Special teams:

- DAL: Ranked in the top 5 for both categories.
- DET: Ranked in the top 10 for both categories.
- COL: Decent PP should improve, awful PK will get even worse.


- DET: Hasek has his own questionmark these days, but even at 80%, Hasek is among the top. Add Cujo and Legace and don't let your jaw touch the ground.

- DAL: Turco was arguably league's top netminder last season, let him prove so again. Tugnutt, reliable, capable backup who's been a great tutor for, Marty.

- COL: The Avs weakest link, Aebischer is unproven and coming of a rather sub-par season as a backup. Add another unproven one, prospect Phillipe Sauve, and it's the worst by a decent margain.

Forward depth

- DAL: While I feel the Avs top 6 is great, and their 3rd line isn't shabby either, the Stars simply have more toys to play with. They have a more diversed forward crop with no to few weaknesses.

- COL: Arguably the sweetest top 6 assembled during the last decade, a decent 3rd line but a horrible 4th. Lack grit and defensive forwards as well.

- DET: Not as bad as people claim, the Wings have a deep and balanced offense, only without a true first liner. Here's to see if Hull can repeat.

Defensive depth

- DET: They have a sweet defense, but IMO still behind the Sens, moot point anyways. Though some negatives: Chelios is on the decline big time, not as solid and lethal as he was a few seasons ago. Schneider is inconsistant defensively, but a great PP QB, Fisher has to prove his injury didn't affect his game.

- COL: I rate their Defense barely past the Stars, Foote, Morris and Blake is a great top 3, though this too, has it's questionmarks. Can Morris repeat and ignore his hand injury? Was last years Blake the real one? Can he rebound? Foote.. nothing.. a rock. Skoula has to overcome an awful year as well, he just was frustrating bad. Finally Skrastins, solid, but unspectacular, not as good as deVries, but a decent #5. Do lack a #6 IMO.

- DAL: Personally, I'd throw a combo of Zubov and Numminen against any other in the world. Numminen is a qiuet warrior, though he has to show he can adjust playing in a new system, new teammates, while rebounding from a Sub-par season. Zubov.. nothing.. supurb.. I feel he can make some Norris noise this year. Matvichuk was horrendous last season, he came back too early. He has to rebound, and rebound good. Phillipe Boucher, by some pegged as the Stars #1, just needs to stay healthy, that's his biggest flaw. Robidas, Erskine and Sweeney round it out nicely.

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