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04-20-2010, 09:10 PM
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Wow, this article is unpopular in Leafs country.

Originally Posted by leafmon View Post
Basically this guy likes Holland better then Kadri because he doesn't like Kadri or Brian Burke.
All he says about Holland is his stats and that he is inconsistent.
BTW pointing out he and his brother have liked a bunch of guys as stars before they were drafted doesn't impress me as most of them were can't miss with a couple of number one picks in there.
It's the brother who likes Holland better and the author is sharing that opinion. FWIW, he knows Kadri, too, and likes him. He just doesn't think he'll be a better NHLer than Holland.

As for Burke, the brother expresses no opinion of him. That opinion is the author's and the comments he makes don't reflect a dislike of Burke, they question his wisdom -- specifically the Phil Kessel trade.

Originally Posted by GordieHoweHatTrick View Post
I have a brother who is 11 years old who predicted the top-8 from last years draft. I think the writer has just as much credibility as my brother

That wasn't an interested in read at all. The guys talks about how he has a brother who "recommended" names like Rick Nash, Corey Perry, Logan Couture, Steve Mason, Jordan Staal, Jeff Carter and Bobby Ryan before they were even drafted. Then he goes on to say his brother (the "super scout") thinks Kadri is a "tweener" who would have been a good 2nd round pick. He also throws a jab at Burke for the Kessel trade,

The only thing that seems to make sense is the end of the article where he recommends not selling Holland low or buying Kadri high in fantasy hockey GM games. I guess that's why he plays in a fantasy world and the GMs make the educated executive decisions.

Bravo Ryan Van Horne, Bravo
The brother recommended these guys as solid NHL players well before they were drafted by the NHL and long before most people on this board heard of them -- some as young as 15. That means he's pretty good at predicting what kind of player will make it in the NHL and who won't.

Originally Posted by grabo84 View Post
I laughed that this guys "super scout" only has one criticism of Kadri - that he needs more "jam". What an idiotic article.
Other criticisms: Not a great finisher -- especially for a No. 7 pick.
Not physical enough, not good enough defensively, and lacks the start-up speed what you'd want in a small player who needs to make it as a top-six scorer.

To his credit, he admits he could be wrong. He knows as well as anyone that it's difficult to project a player's development.

The opinion is meant to challenge the conventional wisdom and make you think.

The gap between the two shouldn't be as great as some say. In one person's view, a person who is plugged in and speaks to scouts, coaches and GMs in the OHL, there is no gap and Holland could possibly be better.

If that opinion scares you or makes you feel uncomfortable as a Leafs fan, then you can take solace in the fact that there are no certainties in predicting the future NHL performance of teenage hockey players. You'll just have to hope that this is one of those cases where he's wrong.

Just be aware though, that he's right a lot more than he's wrong.

Keep your fingers crossed, Leafs nation.

Edit: After checking with the mods and getting the OK, I will disclose that I am the author of the article in question.

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