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04-21-2010, 08:51 AM
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Just to reiterate, make sure to pull all the equipment out of the bag and set it out to dry after every skate. The alcohol and water thing is solid, won't do much for the smell that's already there but it will kill the bacteria and prevent more smell.

I will soak all my gear in a bath tub with water and a cap full of laundry detergent with a scoop of oxyclean mixed in. I do that every few months to get everything smelling fresh. Just make sure to rinse it a couple times really well and it takes a couple days to dry everything out after.

As for taping, I usually retape after every time I play because it's fun and drives my girlfriend absolutely nuts.

And nobody worth playing with chirps anyone unless it's in good fun. I've only been chirped by one teammate in four years of playing as an adult, and I'm at least 50% sure it's good natured.

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