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04-21-2010, 11:42 AM
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Originally Posted by bburton86 View Post
Well, they are more talented than us...

but talent doesn't always win. we've got a lot of heart and enough talent.

great game. it was nice being in the lower bowl but I wish we could have been in the upper with all the legit peeps. one dude was trying to tell us that Tootoo needed to be on the ice more. :facepalm
Not everyone in the upper bowl is legit...the guy sitting behind my fiance told him to SIT DOWN after we scored our first goal and everyone was celebrating! WTF?! Thank goodness he's not a STH, hopefully he won't be back for Game 4. I think my fiance's response was something like "We just scored a goal. This is a playoff game. If you want to sit back and watch it, you can watch from your recliner at home!". Funny, b/c the complainer was a Stage 5 Leaner (which actually doesn't bother me much but whatever!).

Anyway, Game 4 is gonna be a sellout for sure right? Earlier start, no real TCAP the next day...I wanted to high-five every school-age kid I saw last night. I saw one couple leaving with their two kids at the very end of the game with everyone else...hopefully the thrill of victory will help those kids crush the stupid TCAP and get their game faces on for Game 4!

Anyone know any super-secret stealth parking tricks I can employ for Game 4? Gonna be coming from Vandy and probably won't get out till 7:15-7:30ish, if I can't find a coworker to drop me off I'm gonna have to drive and parking is gonna be a nightmare! We usually park in the lot across from Cokesbury/Christie's (RIP haha), but it's been getting full WAY early thanks to the convention center. And the shuttle lot won't be good b/c I'll already be late, I wanna be able to jump out of my car and RUN. If anyone has any tips, message me pleeease!

Edit: BTW, I love the pic of Sully tied up with that Hawk. Nothing gets me more pumped up than an angry Sully for some reason...he was the MAN last night. He wants it bad!...oh and I see that FSN is planning on re-broadcasting the game at noon today for those who forgot to DVR it and want to hear how loud the crowd sounds on TV. Anyone know whether or not re-plays on VS (don't even know if there are any) would be blacked out here?

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