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09-28-2003, 10:07 PM
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Originally Posted by IGM
He would NEVER play back to back games in the regular season. Fluery sure is living up to the hype allright. He is a great young prospect but this just further underlines my point, why make the kid go out and back up a team that is more often than not going to leave him hung out to dry every night. Why start his NHL career that way at all? IF IF IF the Pens were a goalie away from being a contender then you might have an argument on why he should get an extended try out with the team with the hopes of his being able to step in and be the final piece to the puzzle. IF that were the case. Since it clearly isn't I just wouldn't even consider it. I can understand why a Pens fan would want to have something to cheer for this season. I can understand why a Pens fan would want to get a look at such a great young talent. I just think it is stupid to even consider having him start the season with the big club. IF he is dominant in juniors there is nothing to say that he can't come the Pens next year when there is at least a shot that they might have a better team in front of him.

It isn't that HE isn't good enough to warrant the ten games, it's that the Pens are so bad this year that there just isn't a single valid reason to have him play for them. Too many things could go wrong. Why take ANY risk with the kid when it isn't going to help your team achieve anything? I will never get it.
No way. People develope different based on who they are. You can never make a solid point with that reasoning. The pens have Craig Patrick and a couple other good hockey people. Only they know. The hole point of this thread was about 'living' the hype, which he was. ( maybe I shouldn't end in a proposition?) Reguardless, I think you're already proved my point about future ticket sales. The fans will get to see him sooner or later.. Fact is, he has been dominent. At times, down right amazing. Even in his loss, he flashed signs of brilliance. But, he lost, and now if they do send him back, we may never know if he was ready. Frankly, risk is your issue, not the management of the pens. So simmer down!

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