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04-21-2010, 11:25 AM
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Spain Prospects 09/10

Teams like SAD Majadahonda or CHH Txuri Urdin played most of the season with a team based on Juniors because of financial troubles. Others like Aramón Jaca or FC Barcelona have their young players at U20/U18 leagues, against another Spanish and French based teams (teams near Spain like Narbonne, Bordeaux, Font Romeu or Anglet), so their stats are lower.

Goalie stats are not available. And the player stats are possibly not very accurate. 20% aprox. of the games are not recorded on the stats. Take it only as a reference. Only Regular Season, other competitions like Copa Federación (before the Regular Season), Copa del Rey (after the Regular Season) or Continental Cup (FC Barcelona) are not recorded.

Liga Nacional are only composed of 5 teams (Afer Gasteiz resigned at the start of the season because of financial troubles and Anglet Hormadi resigned because schedule problems with French matches). There is a lot of difference between top teams (Jaca and Puigcerdà) against the others. FC Barcelona don't invest so much money in Ice Hockey, and SAD Majadahonda and Txuri Urdin are in financial troubles.


1FJuan Muñoz30-AUG-905' 11"194lbsLFC BarcelonaSPALiga Nacional18221638
2FAlejandro Pedraz04-SEP-906' 0"159lbsRKalPa-T U20SPAJr. A 2 divisioona (FIN)1172027
3FAdrián Betrán19-MAY-905' 10"165lbsLAramón CH JacaSPALiga Nacional20121123
4FCarlos Quevedo23-FEB-935' 9"154lbsRIlves U17SPAJr. B2 SM-sarja (FIN)1611819
5FOriol Boronat22-MAY-925' 10"152lbsLFC BarcelonaSPALiga Nacional11369
6FAdrián Gonzalez29-JUN-925' 7"154lbsLSAD MajadahondaSPALiga Nacional11819
7FZigor Martinez13-NOV-925' 8"143lbsLCHH Txuri-UrdinSPALiga Nacional11628
8FJavier García-Arias02-MAY-925' 8"143lbsRSAD MajadahondaSPALiga Nacional10347
9FOscar Vazquez06-MAY-905' 11"176lbsRSAD MajadahondaSPALiga Nacional14617
10FPablo Puyuelo23-NOV-935' 7"143lbsRAramón CH JacaSPALiga Nacional10325
11FErik Michelena24-JUN-915' 10"154lbsRCHH Txuri UrdinSPALiga Nacional10303
12FIñigo Lasuen27-OCT-925' 7"150lbsLCHH Txuri UrdinSPALiga Nacional11112
13FEinar Meyerson19-FEB-925' 8"141lbsLFC BarcelonaSPALiga Nacional10000
14FJuan Gordo04-DEC-925' 9"165lbsLAramón CH JacaSPALiga Nacional5000
15FPol Gonzalez24-MAY-926' 2"176lbsLToronto Jr. CanadiensSPACCHL (CAN)----

Honorable Mention: Valentín Mairal (Aramón CH Jaca, '93), Adrián Ubieto (Aramón CH Jaca, '93), Gonzalo Ansa (SAD Majadahonda, '91), Jorge Burgos (Anglet Hormadi, '94), Álvaro Hilario (FC Barcelona, '91).

1DBorja Oyono01-OCT-925' 11"176lbsRCHH Txuri UrdinSPALiga Nacional16134
2DAlex Vea23-FEB-915' 11"170lbsRCHH Txuri UrdinSPALiga Nacional13123
3D*Javier Udina09-SEP-905' 9"165lbsRAramón CH JacaSPALiga Nacional15011
4DAlejandro Hernández23-DEC-915' 10"165lbsLAramón CH JacaSPALiga Nacional19011
5DJorge Vea23-FEB-945' 12"154lbsRCHH Txuri UrdinSPALiga Nacional----

* Played with Aramón CH Jaca at Forward and with Spain U20 at Defense.

Honorable Mention
: Hector Alastruey (Aramón CH Jaca, '93), Roberto Pedrós (Rotary Club (USA), '93), Alvaro Monllor (SAD Majadahonda, '90), Jesus Moreno (CG Puigcerdà, '90).

1GKAnder Alcaine20-DEC-916' 2"176lbsLFC BarcelonaSPALiga Nacional---
2GKBruno González02-JAN-935' 9"117lbsLAramón CH JacaSPALiga Nacional---
3GKIgnacio Martinez-Barona29-SEP-925' 7"150lbsLHighland ParkSPAUnited States (Minn.)---
4GKIker Echeverria12-MAY-935' 7"168lbsLCHH Txuri UrdinSPALiga Nacional---
5GKPablo Solorzano30-MAY-915' 7"143lbsLCHH Txuri UrdinSPALiga Nacional---

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