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04-21-2010, 12:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Shoalzie View Post
They've got $57.6 million in contracts for next year on only 14 players. They've got their core locked up longterm but they're in trouble when it comes to re-signing guys like Ladd, Burish and Niemi. They could do themselves a lot of favors by getting rid of Campbell and Huet's bad contracts...that's $12.7 million a year in salary right there.

Some other issues they'll have ahead is Seabrook and Brouwer are up after next year...both guys will need raises. Byfuglien is up after next year as well but he's making $3 million already...a gross overpayment in my view. They could probably move him and help them in keeping more valuable players.

I think they've done well in signing Kane, Toews, Hossa and Keith longterm and for reasonable amounts...they just need to figure out what to do with their secondary guys. Plus, if they want to go with Niemi over Huet as their #1 or if they want to go the free agent route and go after a guy like Turco...they don't have any money to spend.

Simply put, this is the only year they'll be able to ice a team like this. They'll be quite a bit different in the next two years...kinda like what we saw with the Wings with Franzen and Zetterberg's new contracts changing the way the team was constructed financially. This is essentially their "all in" year...they won't be nearly as good on paper next year. The pressure on them to get it done before they have to undergo a facelift.
Find a taker for Campbell, Huet and Hossa. Yes, Hossa needs to go. His signing was a bad idea in the first place.

If they can afford to Bury Huet, the cheapest of the 3 (they make lots of money) then they're left with someone taking Campbell's deal and Hossa. I think Hossa has an NTC? I'm not sure. ANyways, there will be a team that will take him at that price that is a contending team. Maybe a team like LA?

Those guys are 7 + 4 (or 5 for Huet?) + 5 = 16 17 million shed right there. They'll get it done. I think they've gotten offers for Campbell if you ask me, it's just they knew they could afford to keep everyone without penalty this year so there was no point. But I definitely see atleast 2 of the 3 (hossa should go too, I'm serious, he had no business there in the first place) which changes their cap situation significantly.

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