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04-21-2010, 12:30 PM
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Carey MUST be miraculous tonight to keep the boo birds' mouth shut.

If he allows Caps to take the lead and score more than one goal, well, we all know what's gonna happen.
The fans need to keep their expectations realistic. This is the Washington Capitals, the #1 team in the Eastern conference. If Price gets boo'ed out of town, next thing you know, he'll demand a trade himself. Then he'll win a Stanley Cup with another team, I guarantee it. It seems like the anti-Price media and fans still "don't get it". Carey Price has the potential to be a franchise goalie and one of the only young stars on a Canadian franchise. It would deeply sicken me to see Carey help out some American franchise like Chicago, San Jose or some dead-end American market. He has respectable numbers at age 22, flashes of brilliance at times, a great skill set and a winning resume. You don't just give up on that because he isn't amazing at age 22.

If the media/fans get what they want and Price is traded, who's going to be the next scapegoat? Halak? He better watch his back then because the very same fans who have been rooting for Halak will turn on him too when Cedrick Desjardins comes up. Sad but true.

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