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04-21-2010, 01:08 PM
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Originally Posted by dtrap View Post

It's one thing to have been doing it for years and years at this stage. You have obviously proven yourself and been grandfathered in (not a crack about age...just the term).

Like I said before, no degree means your resume goes in the trash bin.
Well, if you are going for an entry level spot in financial services, or any big company..and you have no corporate experience, then it's going to be hard with no college. That said, it's hard getting a job anywhere these days without knowing someone, or being referred.

I work on the agency side of technology consulting, whereas my clients are big companies. In the technology field, college is really not a must.

The difference is this: In America, a college degree is just proof that you did the work (ie: history, english, poly-sci degrees) whereas people from India, Russia, China often went to top technical schools, and have already acquired valuable knowledge directly related to the position they desire.

If I tried to get a job on the corporate side of things- corporate recruiting- (I'd rather kill myself), my lack of college would most likely keep me from getting in.

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