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09-28-2003, 10:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Vlad The Impaler
It is also my opinion that, if you collect too many guys with that kind of problem, you just can't build the atmosphere required to win. Simply put, Mike Milbury is throwing money by the window, uselessly.

He'd get the same end result in terms of performance he went the other way around (hiring a good coach, putting attitude first and foremost like) like the Wild and it would be more costly.

You won't win a cup with either team but one is a lot less expensive and gives you flexibility.

Heck, even when Mike Milbury tried to add leadership and attitude, he had to go grab a player that was bitter in Mike Peca. Again, Peca is a player I like. But it just seems to me like this team is very poorly assembled with disregard to effort, attitude and team spirit.
To Milbury's credit, he has also refused to trade away Scatchard (asking for Scatchard was rumored to be the dealbreaker in both a deal for Allison, and a deal for Samsonov), a player who has a very limited skillset, but gets by almost entirely by attitude and desire. Also, how many coaches out there are capable of coaching like Lemaire, much less ones that are looking for a job? And if such a coach was available, don't you think Milbury would try to hire him? It's all very well to say that you should hire a coach like Lemaire, but you might as well say a team should sign a goalie like Brodeur, or a defenseman like Lidstrom. They're the best because what they do icannot be replicated.

But I do agree to an extent. Last year the team's lack of spirit and cohesiveness was quite apparent. With a lot of luck, it was Laviolette, and Stirling's new system and attitude will change that.

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