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04-21-2010, 06:23 PM
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Originally Posted by 10 ft. pole View Post
I used Dolomite 08 models 85 flex weight (the teal black and orange model). I bought 2 of these sticks and they have lasted 2 years. I play weekly pickup and sporadically do the ringer thing for my buddies team. Both sticks broke within 1 month of each other. I rotated them pretty evenly in use and between the two of them they were the only sticks I used. Sticks have slash marks board paint and all kinds of crap on the exterior. They look beat to **** but, worked like new til' the end. They broke at the blade horizontally midway through the face on the blade.

I just picked up 2 Dolomite Spines. 1 is the 09 one that is white blue and green. The other is the new sexy black with gold writing model (Never spent 200 plus on 1 stick before.) I'll let you guys know any difference between the 3.

I use a 100 flex Vanek. I absolutely have the best backhand with that blade. Fake to the forehand back to the backhand then over the goalies pad under the blocker. It is a great passing blade and I can snipe pretty decent with it. I used to use the Bergeron curve but, that blade wanted every thing to go high corner LOL. Even passes to teammates in the slot.
I just broke my last Smyth Dolomite last weekend. Whatever grip substance they use on their sticks I have to say it holds up. The stick took abuse and basically looked the same as when I bought it. Unfortunately, the Dolo met his match when a 250+lb hack fell on it and broke it in 2.

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