Thread: Salary Cap: $59 million in 2010-11?
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04-21-2010, 07:27 PM
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Originally Posted by azrok22 View Post
Where did I say I didn't want them on my team? I'd love them on my team. I said they aren't equivalent to Kovalchuk. They aren't even in the same ballpark as Kovalchuk.

Kovalchuk is a top 5 NHL winger.

Backes is a second line winger.
I guess we'll agree to disagree. This comes down to how much you value Kovalchuk. From all the superstars(yes he is one) he'll be the most overrated after his contract. He isn't someone you want to build a team around, which is what you are proposing. He's no where near Ovechkin in terms of being dynamic, which is why an ovechkin can get away for being an individual you can build around. Kovalchuk has much less dimensions to his game than a Ovechkin. He has his shot & speed. Ovechkin, although not a defensive player has an immense amount of dimensions to his game. From his vision, to his skating, to his hitting, dekeing. He's a powerful player & much more magical than a Kovalchuk. You can build a team around an Ovechkin. He would be the guy I pick to start a team with.

Now back to the Backes/Koivu VS Kovalchuk convo. I prefer a guy like Backes & Koivu on my team. That's just my preference. Players like that not only provide flare and scoring, but also provide stability, and it's that stability that wins you championships. It's why teams like Detroit are so sucessful with the niche they have in place ( Zetterberg, Datsyuk, etc)---> these guys are one of the best 2 way guys in the game & they are Detroits top 2 players.

You can probably add both(Backes, Koivu) for the price of 1 kovy, and I'd pefer something like that instead of locking up all the money and years into 1 player, who yes is dynamic offesnively(but far from being top 5 in the league)but at the same time is an incomplete player..

I see you comparing Backes and Callahan. That's as comical as it gets. Callahan has no where near Backes offensive game. Backes will be a around 60 point guy. The seasons you mention w/ him having around 30 points or so were seasons he didnt play all 82 games. So let's not blurr the facts here. I'm fully aware of his numbers, & numbers to me aren't everything. They're a big part of it, but far from being everything.

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