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04-21-2010, 07:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Madic View Post
I suppose I shouldn't have to point out his 35 goals for the finishing comment...though I'm also too lazy to check when the article was written. The acceleration bit I'll agree with...always thought so. Good skater, just has to wind it up first.
I know he scored 35 goals, but for a 19-year-old in his fourth OHL season who gets the kind of ice time he gets, 35 goals for the 7th overall pick in the draft is not very good.

Dave Bolland, by comparison, scored 57 goals in 59 games as a 19-year-old in 2005-06. He was a second-round pick, was a better finisher at 19 and will be a better finisher in the NHL than Kadri -- if his back holds up.

Originally Posted by glucker View Post
here's the problem "jam" is in no way one of Kadri's problems, the guy is a spark plug
finishing, also not a huge problem... he has trouble with one timers, but other than that, he knows how to score goals... and in any case, is role is that of a playmaker. Defensively speaking, many offensive players neglect that aspect of their game... Kadri will be the first one back in his zone, so he respects that he needs to defend, even if he's not great at it. Speed... guy's got tons of speed.
You're watching Kadri at the junior level and you don't see deficiencies. Others are watching Kadri at the junior level and imagining his game at the NHL level and they're not predicting the same level of success -- certainly not one commensurate with his draft position.

He'll be given many chances to succeed and I certainly hope he does well. This is not personal or spiteful.

I'm just presenting an opinion, one that I knew would be unpopular, and hoping to get people to think and maybe challenge the conventional wisdom.

Holland is big, skilled, and has excellent hockey sense. He tends to coast -- something I pointed out -- but so did Jeff Carter.

I, and others, have said this many times. You can't compare two teenage players in junior and say the better junior will be the better pro. That's not what scouting is about.

Some scouts (and observers) happen to think Kadri will be a better pro, and they have reasons for that opinion. This is reflected in their draft position, but a year later, other scouts (and observers) are beginning to think that Holland will be the better pro.

For some reason, people think the old opinion is right and aren't willing to entertain new information or new opinions. It amazes me. How anyone can possibly hope to learn anything by being so blinkered?

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