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02-23-2005, 06:48 PM
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Originally Posted by AG9NK35DT8
Well if u are 15 and dont know how to iceskate, you will never be in the NHL unless you are a kid with superstar skills. also being 5'10 200lbs at 15 years old i would also think you need to lose weight, cause at 15 years oldI know its no muscle.But I would definitly advise to you lose the NHL dream. Dreams like that are for kids that are in elementary school, you are still young at 15 but old enough to know when there is a difference between "DREAMS and "REALITY".

Also to be an NHL player just like anysport you must be exceptionally good, basically the type of player no matter what age gets ahhh's and ooohhhh's and wow's. To play a proffesional sport you must be exceptional and there isnt even a hand full of people out there that really anyone can name.

Sorry to smash your hopes and dreams but i think someone needs to tell you the truth.
Very well said. Even some of the worst players in the NHL are still among the best in the world.

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