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02-23-2005, 08:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Injektilo
these are both wood sticks of course....

blow torch eh? I'll see if my dad's got one aroudn the house. He's got a vise too I can use...

If i use a torch, how far away should the flame be from the blade? How long should it be on the blade at that closeness?

does boiling water do anything at all? That seems to stick in my mind for some reason.....
I can't tell you how far away the flame should be because that will depend on the type of blow torch you own and the size of the nozzle and flame that it emits. I'd be very conservative and start holding it 6-8 inches from the blade and if it doesn't get hot enough just keep going closer and closer. Also, never hold the flame in one place for more than a second or two, always be moving it around to spread the heat over the entire surface of where you want to curve it.

I've never tried boiling it before so i'm not sure what effects that would have.

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