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04-22-2010, 08:49 AM
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let me first declare I am a leafs fan, born and raised..

.. that being said, this article does have some merit. However, is is poorly written and he first talks about super scouts, and then goes on to say his brother (with no last name) is a top flight scout and his word should be taken as gold. Maybe it should be, but I think many scouts would disagree with him as well. The point of the article is that Holland looks like he has a better chance of being in the NHL, and successful.. while Kadri might have higher potential, but a higher risk. Not telling us anything we don't know. The thing that will work well is Kadri's favor is something that the writer brings up: Kadri has heart... You can have all the skill in the world (daige) and if you don't have the heart or drive.. it wont do you any good. He puts in a 100% effort, is consistent and has the skills to be a very good NHLer... if he can bulk up, and add "jam" to his game. Well he added alot of "jam" to his game this year, and with his drive, playing in the NHL is a realistic goal. I think in 5-10 years... Kadri might have taken the Marc Savard route, but will make an impact for the leafs.. assuming they are willing to be patient with him.

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