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09-29-2003, 03:29 AM
Gros Bill
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Bravo Bob ! It had to be said, and now itís in the open. We donít need fans who boo the home team or any player, he said to them, youíre cowards and we donít want you.

I agree. A true fan wants to help his team. I may or may not like Patrice, or any other player for that matter, but I want my team to win. And I donít help any of them when I boo and conspuate a player.

I boo someone else instead. The referee, for instance. Now thereís an easy target, and isnít he the first step in home ice advantage ? You know Forum ghosts often appear when the ref is having a hard time.

Booing the other team, now thatís even better. Throw them off, let them see what itís like to screw up in our home rink. Hey, weíre Habs fans, we expect the best, so put up, superstar. You think his mother wears Army boots, nowís the time to tell him. I boo their coach too Ė what the heck, it canít hurt, can it? Boo the water boy while youíre at it.


So be warned, you home team hecklers, true fans wonít stand for it. If Bob Gainey himself doesnít go out in the stands to stop you, maybe someone else will.

Go Habs Go

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