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04-22-2010, 10:00 AM
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Originally Posted by spudboy View Post
This is exactly why the CBC should not be in love with every Canadian team. Does Versus have a bias when the Caps play the Canadiens? I don't hear it, and I'm rooting for the Canadiens. The problem isn't with Vancouver coverage, it is with Canadian coverage. They automatically think that most Canadians are rooting for Vancouver. Versus doesn't assume most Americans are rooting for LA. As a matter of fact, when it comes to sports, most Americans root against LA. They really need to realize people like their own team, and just cover games unbiasedly.

BTW, I watched both local coverages when the Kings went to Edmonton and Calgary earlier this season. Edmonton announcers were homers rivalling the Ducks announcers, whining about every call. I had to mute it after the 2nd period. The Calgary announcers were very fair, even saying the Kings were getting penalties for just playing defense after some of the calls against the Kings.
While I agree with you, the thing is that CBC's playoff coverage isn't catering to the knowledgable hockey fan looking to watch good hockey regardless of who's playing. They're catering to the average Canadian who doesn't watch a game all season but becomes a "fan" during the playoffs wanting to watch "Canada's teams".

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