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04-22-2010, 12:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Nazzy-19 View Post
While I agree with you, the thing is that CBC's playoff coverage isn't catering to the knowledgable hockey fan looking to watch good hockey regardless of who's playing. They're catering to the average Canadian who doesn't watch a game all season but becomes a "fan" during the playoffs wanting to watch "Canada's teams".
This is very true. I know a lot of people who come play-off time think its "wrong" for me to not support the Canadian teams no matter what.

I'm an Oiler fan and would never and could never bring myself to cheer for any other team in the northwest regardless of what country that team resides in. That's just sports for a die-hard fan if you ask me. Would any self-respecting Yankee fan find themselves cheering for the Red-Sox when they play the Blue Jays simply because Boston is a U.S based team? I think not.

There are many Canadian hockey fans that are casual at best.

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