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04-22-2010, 03:15 PM
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Originally Posted by shutupgrapes View Post
Jesus man. Do you realize that literally nobody in Canada knows or cares about the Kings? Drew Doughty was on the olympic team, and that's as far as interest in the Kings goes in this country. Meanwhile the Canucks are basically Canada's team (I know people are going to dispute this) by virtue of their record. You can't possibly expect that the CBC crew is going to feel any obligation to try and call the game evenly.

That said, Hughson and Simpson are giving the Kings all sorts of credit. Obviously they won't shut up about Doughty, and they spent plenty of time talking about Simmonds, Brown, and Quick.

You don't know what you're talking about.
There's lots of commentary on this post, but what I think my fellow Kings fans forget is that there aren't enough of us to justify CBC highlighting a Kings game on the network. Most Canadians don't care about the Kings and I'm pretty sure every one of us Canadian Kings fans has had to answer the question "How did you ever become a Kings fan?" The Canucks are Canada's best shot at going anywhere in the playoffs this year and, for better or for worse, there is a strong sentiment in this country that if you don't cheer for a Canadian team come playoff time you'd better have a good reason. Pittsburg fans can justify it by being Crosby fans, now Canadian Kings fans can justify our love by cheering for Doughty. Those of you who say that CBC is catering to its market are bang on. There isn't enough genuine Kings love up here to justify covering the team on a national network (let's face it, those Alberta fans are admittedly on our bandwagon this playoff season but would much rather have their local boys knock us out). Only once we routinely become an exciting, challenging team for Canadian clubs will the Kings once again make it onto national TV. Heck, I remember in the latter part of the Gretzky years we'd only be on TV 3 or 4 times a year in Canada. Yet, somehow, you can't miss a Leafs game. Anyways, I'll end my rant on Kings TV coverage in the great white north now.

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