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04-22-2010, 03:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Hockeyfan68 View Post
I hate playing non-contact hockey these days. It makes it way easier for every guy who has the puck to do whatever he pleases as you cannot touch him. The best you can do is angle and try to steal while forechecking as hard as possible to force them to think faster than they want to and make a bad pass.

I mean it is what it is but so many times I let up at the last moment as I still play the body and skate into people on purpose but do not want to hurt people. The point is I have flashbacks from playing contact and know how badly this guy would have been sent into a coma if I had been allowed to clean him out. The old curl and toe drag move with the head down .... cripes you are destined for the DL with your head down like that fiddle diddling if you play contact.

It is especially irritating when they make the pass you know would not have happened if there were checking allowed. But like I said it is what it is .... which is not as good a hockey game as there was in the past.

... in my opinion of course.
I think about that too sometimes when playing, even though I never played ice hockey before Feb, let alone with checking, but you see puck handlers doing all these fancy skate heel drags while pulling the puck between their own legs, etc. - in my mind I am visualizing the only ice hockey I was familiar with for 3 1/2 decades, and that is the NHL.

These people, while clearly able to do these slick moves in a non-checking format, would get annihilated in a contact league. My issue is to avoid doing what my brain has seen so many times on TV - and is almost programmed to do - crunch them.

The OH I've played has been far more physical than my Friday night D-league/adult clinic for obvious reasons, and I've gotten more used to the more physical play of the OH scrimmages, so that I am sort of "rolling-through" people in the adult clinic. Most of the people there are not progressing as much as I have, simply because they aren't putting in the time by playing OH or skating at other times of the week besides the adult clinic. To get better you MUST be on the ice several times per week...

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