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Originally Posted by SLang View Post
Really? Interesting. I would think of all the American teams, the Kings would be the easiest to understand a Canadian being a fan of...considering the whole Gretzky deal. Maybe it's been too long now, though.
Honestly, I became a Kings fan in 1992 when I got interested in hockey. Gretzky was the only name I knew so I became a Kings fan, and since I hate it when people just switch teams because their favourite player leaves, I've been a Kings fan ever since. In retrospect, it's a decision that's brought me a lot of grief but has helped me to deal with frustration.

That said, it's not really considered a valid reason any more. Most people wonder why I haven't "seen the light" and become a fan of one of the Canadian teams. Honestly, it's considered a valid question around here as to how a Canadian boy can become a Kings fan.

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