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04-22-2010, 03:41 PM
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Ah, my favorite topic...

I didn't start with hockey until a bit later than normal (I think I was 12 or 13), so I had to adapt the best way I knew how. I played quite a bit of baseball and was an excellent bunter, which helped for this reason. When bunting, the idea is to fix the bat in your hands, and if a pitch is outside of where it's positioned, you must move your body to compensate. A low pitch requires a squat, an outside pitch requires a half-step forward, and so on. Most times that a guy pops up a bunt is because he moves the bat instead of his body.

In hockey, I would almost fix the stick to a certain position and stay in line between the goalie and the shooter. I'm most comfortable with deflecting a low shot, so I'd keep the blade somewhere around knee level and have our defensemen get lower shots on goal so there'd still be a rebound if I coudn't get the stick on it. The blade never really went outside the width of my knees since it created too erratic of a tip.

I also tend to use a fairly open toe on the stick. Most of my shots would come from within 10 feet (and the majority were even closer than that), and it also meant that a deflection would tend to rise rather than drop or change direction laterally.

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