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04-22-2010, 04:14 PM
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Originally Posted by MN14 View Post
If he has a bad game, I'm sure this board will eat him alive like they have to Quick...right? Hmmm

I'm not even trying to fire up the goalie debate again...but I think it's funny that we can tell that "Quick is an average goalie at best" based on one full season, but that Bernier is the savior based on several NHL games and a body of AHL work. As if Quick certainly isn't going to get better and Bernier is a sure thing.

I just wish people would temper their expectations of our goalies and not just see what they want to see.
I've been watching Bernier since he was drafted on the Kings. Watched a lot of Lewiston Maineiacs games, 2008 World Juniors with Canada, a couple Monarch games, and of course Bernier with the Los Angeles Kings.

Lets look at Bernier's resume...

2006 11th overall Draft pick
Guy Lafleur trophy winner (MVP of the QMJHL playoffs)
At 18, beat out everyone in Kings camp and started for the LA Kings in London.
Won gold in 2008 World Juniors
2009-10 AHL All-Star (Team Canada)
2009-10 AHL Goalie of the year.

And it's still being written.

So yeah, I have a pretty good idea what kind of goalie Bernier is going to be in the NHL. He should have been starting with the Kings this season, but do to Lombardi's plan. He wasn't given the chance to, simply because Quick was named starter before camp. Essentially handed the job. Bernier has been a premier goalie at just about every level of hockey. He's going to be on in the NHL. There's one consistent thing with Bernier, is that he ALWAYS shows up in big games. The more pressure, the better he does.

I'll say it again, and I have no problem saying it. Quick is overrated and is not the type of goalie to get you to the promised land. He just doesn't have sound positioning, focus, rebound control.

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