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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
Hand eye is thing you can do is try juggling a golf ball or tennis ball on the stick to improve that. Or if you've got a wall/garage door, play "tennis" with a tennis ball and hockey stick, that would help as well.

The Brett Hull shooting DVD I have says to not try and redirect the puck so much as just get a little piece of it. Hit it too hard and the puck will veer wide of the net, but just making contact a bit will change the angle on the goalie.

I don't screen the goalie much (I hope not...I'm a defenseman), but the coaches I've worked with said to not be right on the goalie, but to get out a few feet in front. He can look around you if you're right on him, but out in front he can't move you or anything.
+1. I use a smarthockey ball. Sometimes guys make fun of me for doing it because "Stupid little tricks aren't worth practicing" but it's rather difficult to pass a puck through me. I knock down more pucks than anyone I know, I'm actually surprised if I miss two in a row.

When you start getting your stick on them regularly you then can work on where you're deflecting them or if you're just knocking them down.

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