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09-29-2003, 05:01 AM
Joe Cole
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Here are my unorganized thoughts on Brisebois.

1- Marc Defoy of Le Journal said that the boobirds were Jack Todd readers.....No Marc, it is the English Sales Women from Eaton's. Nice to see racism/stupidity is alive and well at Le Journal.

2- there a more childish reaction to frustration? If you must boo (because you are an intellectual midget) do so after a player makes a real bad play that causes a goal against the home team. Besides that...grow up.

3- saying that "I paid $100, I have the right to boo." is the same as saying that since you paid for your movie ticket you have the right to yell "fire" in a movie theatre.

4-If you are so hard up and that $100 dollars is THAT important to you, then stay home and buy groceries with the money. Watch the game on TV. Otherwise enjoy the game and cheer if you want the home team to win.

5-Every player on the Habs makes more then my doctor. That's right, every single one of these guys, including Dwyer and Bouillion make a ton of money. So if you are frustrated with Brisebois' salary, get over it. They are all overpaid relative to all of us.

That said....let's hope the Habs squeak into the playoffs and trade Brisebois (for his and our own good) to Carlolina for their first pick next year, so we can bag that kid Overkin.


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