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04-23-2010, 12:48 AM
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If you have good shooting mechanics and you use a proper flex you won't have issues with your stick breaking. Plain and simple.

It can still break from being slashed or through some other odd occurrence, but odds on, if you use the appropriate flex and you don't make contact with the ice like a foot before the puck, you should have no problem making a good composite last PLENTY long. I've had composites last 2 months (I'm guilty of using a light flex and I play in leagues where its fairly aggressive and not uncommon for sticks to be slashed or tangled and broken in some manner) and I have composites sitting in my garage that I picked up 3 years ago. I rarely break sticks just by shooting, even with a 77 flex (I'm about 175). Switch to composite; you'll come to love it.

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