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09-29-2003, 05:04 AM
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Originally Posted by Doghouse
Well, Beech and Kraft seem to not be fitting into the Penguins plans. Kraft's labeled a power forward, but acts nothing like it to prove otherwise. Beech has tons of potential but he also shys away from things.

IMO, the only thing these two guys have going for them is their age and potential. But, for some reason, Kraft's never thrived in Pittsburgh. And Beech is not looking like the centerpiece of the Jagr deal anymore.

Umberger's young as well, but he could thrive in Pittsburgh, given the fact that he's from there. He knows the city. He would be immediately accepted by the fans (much like Ryan Malone has been throughout the Pens training camp [he's from Pittsburgh too]).

Since the deal is so lopsided, just add in Sopel.
Something worked around Kraft-Umberger...I don't see CP giving up on Beech yet, since he was the centerpiece of the Jagr deal, that would almost be admitting failure.

Plus, Beech can still be sent to WBS w/o needing to clear waivers I believe, where Kraft can not.

However, if contract negotiations are the issue, I don't know that Umberger will find it any easier in Pittsburgh to get $$$.

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