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You and your doctor are familiar with your physical condition. You and your doctor are the best judge of whether or not you need a physical, not a bunch of strangers on a messageboard. That said...

In general, men between 20 - 40 should have a physical exam every five years, and after that every 2 - 3 years. Existing medical conditions or concerns may call for more frequent exams.

If you are already in moderately good physical shape and have a blood pressure under 140 / 90, I wouldn't be too concerned about having an endurance test. If you have 140/90 or higher, you suffer from hypertension and caution is warranted and I'd suggest seeing your doctor before starting an exercise regime or sports season.

Other conditions may also warrant a physical exam and/or endurance test before starting exercise. Other heart conditions besides prehypertension, lung/breathing conditions (smoking, asthma), diabetes, previous injuries to joints, recent surgeries, muscle pain... the list goes on.


Personally, I'm in my late 20's and have had two full physical exams in my 20's, in addition to seeing my GP annually for a quick checkup. However, since I have exercised regularly for the past five years and have a good sense of my physical condition -- and regularly monitor biometrics like blood pressure and pulse -- I haven't undergone any endurance tests, and my GP doesn't deem them necessary.

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