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That doesn't change the fact that the revenue stream may not be there to make this a successful venture. Further, you say they are in good markets (that remains to be seen IMO). How many fans are going to come out for what is basically a beer league in a local ice rink?

You are talking about a league that has no tv revenue, little corporate sales, low concessions/merchandise revenues and attendance between 1,000 and 3,000. That is hardly a recipe for success.

I give anyone who is willing to put up the money for such an endeavor a lot of credit. But it's very clear that there isn't a market for a single A hockey league. Single A baseball can work because, well, for one, it's baseball. For another it's summer and people will spend $10 to hang out outside to watch some baseball, eat popcorn and hotdogs and drink a beer or two. Single A hockey does just work. Very few people are willing to spend $10 to freeze their a**es off sitting in an icebox watching what is a putrid product.
I see it much like major series lacrosse.The model is much the same no tv revenue limited concessione etc and the idea sitting indoors in the dog days of summer does not appeal to alot of people.I think you will be shocked at the attendance some of the markets gets ina good way.

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