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Originally Posted by Renneys Revenge View Post
If this is in the wrong section feel free to move it.
I am relatively new to playing hockey and currently am playing in a non-contact men's league. When I am playing defensively (on offense or defense), if I skate in between a player on the other team and the puck while another player on my team is going for it, is that interference? Since there is no contact I'm not knocking him off the play, but I am still impeding his path to the puck. Is this good defense or interference? I have never been called for it but since it's beginners there is some leeway.
What you're doing is legal, because from the ref's POV you're allowed to claim your ice. If you hit him it's interference... if you just decide to act as a pick you're just occupying space and forcing him to take another path.

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A player is allowed the ice he is standing on (body position) and is not required to move in order to let an opponent proceed. A player may “block” the path of an opponent provided he is in front of his opponent and moving in the same direction. Moving laterally and without establishing body position, then making contact with the non-puck carrier is not permitted and will be penalized as interference.
Here's the NHL rule on the matter. You can pick as long as you don't make contact, or the player doesn't dive. I do it all the time, and people do it to me all the time.

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