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09-29-2003, 05:23 AM
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Originally Posted by thor dyck
on another thread, an islander fan blamed his teams operating losses on their terrible lease agreement. This lease agreement didn't stop islander ownership from signing yashin, peca, and hammer to long term deals. In other words, they are living way beyond their means and driving up the costs for every team in the league. The islanders have lost over 30 million in the last 3-4 years.

I have an idea for a new cba. Keep the old agreement but punish the teams who are bad business operators. For every nickle you lose in hockey operations, you would be forced to put another nickle into an equalization fund to be distributed amongst profitable teams. The league would create standard accounting practises and audit every quarter.

If the islanders owners want to be big shots and try to buy a cup, they give every other team owner in the league money for compesation. The unwise spenders would subsidize everyone else. Teams that are located in markets that can't support an nhl franchise would be forced to move.

Please post a link to the article where C.Wang asked the nhl's other owners, to pay his team's salaries.

I also don't remember Wang declaring bankruptcy.

They have a $20m a yr cable deal and a terrible lease.Wang's trying to buy the nba's NJ Nets and move them to LI.Having 2 pro teams would help his chances to get a new arena.The Colisuem is over 30 yrs old.The oldest arena in the league.

I don't recall other teams or fans worrying about the nyi payroll 4 yrs ago when the Devils payroll was at $35m+,the Ranger payroll was at $55m and the isles payroll was at $18m.

This yr's payroll is at $41m/$42m which is about the league average.

Isles attendance has risen from 3,000-5,000 a night at home to over 14,000 since Wang bought the team 3 yrs ago.

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