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Originally Posted by bluenote View Post
I think it really depends on the level you play at. I'm an "E" level, so I never break sticks, wood or composite, because my shot sucks. I hardly ever see anyone break a stick in my games.

If you're a much higher level, with a hard shot, then yea, you may break them more often.

If I were you, I would buy a $80 composite, and alternate between wood and composite, and see which one lasts longer, and which one you like better.
This is extremely true. I play at the highest level available here in Montreal, and the guys have all played at least AAA, most had a taste of the Q. These guys know how to hack just in the right place to snap a stick if you're in the clear.

That being said, I've only broken three sticks in the last two years. Broke an Easton Stealth CNT after 14 months (love it), broke 2 RBK 7K SicKick Pro Stocks (got a big shipment, played through em). Broke one getting a slash, and one snapped in the middle my first game using it, from a hit on the boards. The third one was just horrible luck, the stick got caught between our bodies and snapped from the pressure.

So even playing at a really high level, the composites DO hold up a long time. Know how to shoot properly, and you won't ding your stick up too much! Sometimes bad luck happens though, and bang, you're out 200 bucks. Part of hockey!

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