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04-23-2010, 03:17 PM
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Originally Posted by CuteHockeyBunny View Post
My motto is "No Slapshots, no Problem". So far, it's been holding true. I only practice slapshots with my wooden sticks now.
Something is wrong here, composite sticks should absolutely not break all the time to force you to do this. Something is not right here, either you are using a flex that is way too stiff or one that is too whippy. You could be hitting the ice way too early and driving the force into the ice and breaking sticks.

if you shoot well, have good mechanics and the correct lie and flex you should absolutely not have issues with shafts breaking or blades for that matter.

Shooting as hard as I do (I shoot hard) and breaking two blades in a year and a half from an oddball knuckle puck off the toe onetimer and blocking a slapshot says a lot.

I play defense also and block shots with the stick as well as whack at the puck lots and lots.

Whenever I see this in here about broken sticks it really sends a siren signal to me that soemthing isn't right with their setup. These sticks nowadays absolutely should not break like that on a regular basis.

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